Dryer Vent Cleaning

Clean Outdoor Dryer Vent

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Dryer vent cleaning is an important part of dryer maintenance, but it is often forgotten about. Because vents are typically out of sight, we don’t really think about them. And, because the average person has maybe never even seen a dryer vent, they aren’t aware that cleaning is something that needs to happen. We are here to make sure that your dryer vents are regularly cleaned, to avoid lint build-up, which can cause serious issues if not taken care of.
How We Clean

While basic dryer vent cleaning can be done by you, thorough cleaning requires special tools and brushes that the average person doesn’t have in their home. Vacuum attachments, while doing a decent job, don’t clean all the way because they don’t have proper brushing to physically detach built-up lint. Traditional vacuums also don’t have long enough attachments to fit all the way inside of a dryer vent. Because of this, self-care can’t do the best job possible. For this reason, you should let us bring our professional brushes and attachments, capable of cleaning your entire system.
Signals You Need Dryer Vent Cleaning

Warning signs of dryer vents in need of cleaning can certainly be seen if you know what to look for. Clothes can longer to dry or may not dry at all. Conversely, cloths may be hotter than they should be or normally are. The outside of your dryer can get unreasonably warm. You may be able to smell a burnt smell, from built-up lint starting to burn. Your laundry room can feel more humid than usual thanks to air not venting properly. And, if you know where your vent exhaust is, you can see if the flap is functioning properly.
Consequences of Not Cleaning

There are two main consequences of not having your dryer vents cleaned properly. The first consequence is that your clothes may not get dry in the way that they should. This can lead to mildew build-up, which can be unpleasant to smell and can actually lead to clothes being ruined. The second consequence is the bigger one, and that is that dryer vents that aren’t properly cleaned, can cause a great risk of fire. Because the lint is flammable, if it is built up in your venting system, the heat from your dryer can cause it to ignite, leading to fires in your home.
Types of Venting

Typically speaking, there are two types of dryer venting systems, internal and external. Internal systems are usually used in large buildings, like apartment complexes. Because your apartment complex is responsible for these, you will most likely never know about them. However, when you move into a house, your dryer is vented externally and becomes your responsibility. Dryer vents also come in a variety of materials and which yours is, is based on building codes in your area. Because of this, even if you can clean your own vents, you may not realize that you’re using the wrong tools Let us make sure that cleaning is done right and no damage happens.