Furnace Cleaning

A Man Inspecting a Furnace

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Furnace cleaning is another service we offer. Usually, this service is an annual thing, done before you first engage your furnace for the winter months. Because dirt can build up in your furnace system, it’s very important that you have it inspected and cleaned before turning it on for the first time. If annual cleaning is not done, this can lead to a higher risk of fire. Furnace cleaning is not something to forget about or to attempt to do yourself so, please let us handle it. Give us a call and we can make sure your furnace is ready to go.
What We Do During Cleaning

Cleaning a furnace is a multi-step process because it requires us to make sure that everything is as dust-free and flame retardant as possible. During this process, we clean the blower and test operation. We measure airflow as well as clean and inspect the combustion chamber and heat exchanger. Test for gas leaks. Inspect your ducts for any black age and leaks that may be occurring so that we can keep you safe.
How Does This Differ From Duct Cleaning

Furnace cleaning does include a duct inspection, mostly to check for blockages, but it doesn’t include a full duct cleaning. With furnace cleaning, our main priority is to make sure that your furnace is as safe as possible to use. With duct cleaning, we are usually checking for mold and allergens and pollutants, attempting to rid them from your system for safe breathing. With furnace cleaning, we are attempting to remove dirt and build-up that can lead to combustion. This is done so that fires are less likely if at all likely, to occur. We want to keep you and your home safe.
Risk Assessment

Another big part of furnace cleaning is risk assessment. While we are cleaning your furnace, we are also constantly looking for anything that presents a bigger risk, that cleaning won’t handle. These risks include broken parts or gas leaks. While we are cleaning, if we notice anything that seems to be amiss, we will either fix it ourselves or recommend replacement or further repair, should we not feel comfortable. At the end of the day, cleaning is only part of regular furnace maintenance, but no matter what, we want you to be as safe in your own home as you can possibly be.
Why Use Us

While air duct cleaning can, in certain cases, be done by you, furnace cleaning should definitely not. Even if you can figure out how to clean individual parts of your furnace, there are further risks involved that you may not be aware of, for example, some gas is not detectable through smell and needs tools to catch. Because of this, we want you to give us a call. We are an experienced team, that knows our way around all furnace systems. We can clean, assess, and detect any problems you may have.