Residential Air Duct Cleaning

A Vacuum Cleaning an Air Duct

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Air duct cleaning is an incredibly important task for you to take in your home maintenance routine. Unfortunately, because your air ducts are out of sight, more often than not, they are also out of mind and don’t get cleaned as regularly, or in the proper way, that they should be. Because of what air ducts are meant to do, filtering out outside air, without proper cleaning, pollutants can collect in the ducts, causing harm to you and your family. These pollutants, if not properly filtered out, can be harmful and hazardous to your health.
A/C and Heating Duct Cleaning

The duct system of any air conditioning or heating system is the air distribution system that sends treated air through your home. Because these systems can go without use for several months at a time, they can easily collect dust, debris and pollutants. Sometimes, these systems can even start to grow mold in them, which is very hazardous to your health. Because of this, proper cleaning of your air conditioning and heating system ducts is important. We have the tools to clean your ducts from end to end and prevent any harmful conditions.
Window/Wall Unit Cleaning

In case you don’t have a central air or heat system, we can still clean the units you do have. These unit are usually window or wall air conditioners or heating units. Because, in order to properly clean these units, you have to take them completely apart, we recommend using professionals like us. While air conditioning units pose risk of electrical threat, heating units can also cause risk of fire and asphyxiation from gas. For these reasons, let us take care of the cleaning for you and get you back to normal!
Filter Cleaning/Replacement

Air filters are necessary to any air system. These devices help to trap dust and debris so that your air or heating system doesn’t blow random junk in to your apartment. When these filters become dirty, they can stop functioning as intended, because they get overstuffed with dirt and start blowing it in to your home. Because of this, regularly cleaning and/or replacement of your air filter is needed. We have all of the tools to clean these filters for you and we keep a stock of new air filters, in case yours need to be replaced.
Hour/Cost Estimates

We do our best to keep our costs low enough that anyone who needs our services can use them. We also try and work as quickly and efficiently as possible so that we can save you time and help your schedule. How much your job will cost and the time it will take us depends on several different things: how big your house is, how many rooms are or heat goes to, the extensiveness of your air duct system and how dirty your sir ducts are. We always monitor the market to offer fair pricing so that we can help you out when you need us most.